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A wide selection of airlines for all budgets fly during the summer period to Corfu. You can find an indicative list of cities and airlines below. Other companies like TUI, JetAir Fly, ThomasCook, GermanWings, Transavia, AirBerlin, LuxAir and Austrian Airlines add flights towards Corfu during the summer period as well.

From Duration Airlines
City of Brussels 2h 40m Ryanair
Athens, Greece 1h 2m OlympicAegean
London, UK 3h 7m easyJetRyanair


Athens, Greece 1h 2m OlympicAegean
Billund, Denmark 3h 5m Ryanair
City of Brussels 2h 40m Ryanair
Dublin, Ireland 3h 40m Aer Lingus
Düsseldorf, Germany 2h 45m Ryanair
Edinburgh, UK 3h 40m Ryanair
Frankfurt, Germany 2h 30m Ryanair
Glasgow, UK 3h 30m Ryanair
Leeds, UK 3h 30m Ryanair
London, UK 3h 7m easyJetRyanair
Manchester, UK 3h 25m easyJetRyanair
Milan, Italy 1h 55m Ryanair
Nottingham, UK 3h 10m Ryanair
Oslo, Norway 3h 20m Ryanair
Preveza, Greece 0h 25m Sky Express
Rome, Italy 1h 40m Ryanair
Salonika, Greece 0h 50m Astra Airlines