Map directions

Road directions and tips on how to get to our hotel.

The maps below or even the most updated GPS devices, sometimes have trouble locating our hotel and as there are quite a few hotels with similar names in Corfu, its better than you don’t end up somewhere else but in our beautiful and unique establishment. Our hotel is located in a private road and using the maps below will get you as far as the public road goes. When you read point B, you have to exit the public road and enter a small side road on your front-left (right before the big U turn of the public road) and then follow some simple instructions below for the last couple of hundred meters before you reach our hotel. We also provide you with a screenshot in the end of this page that put a picture in words on how to find us.

1) Right after you enter the side/private road, in a couple of meters you’ll find a road that goes right. Turn right.

2) Stay on the road as it continues going downhill and don’t exit anywhere.

3) You’ll reach a crossroad with a big board filled with signs for all the different bars, shops and hotels in the area. There you’ll find our sign as well, “Bella Vista” which will point you to the left. Turn left and follow the direction of the road.

4) On the second road on your left (goes uphill), turn and you just arrived to our hotel.

Below the maps in this page, you can also find the screenshot we promised to put a picture on the last meters before reaching us.

Road map/directions from the central port. [wpgmappity id=”2″]

Road map/directions from the Lefkimmi port. [wpgmappity id=”12″]

Road map/directions from the airport. [wpgmappity id=”22″]

A screenshot of the last meters before reaching our hotel.